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Parts & Accessories - Type:Service Manual
Subject GE Microwave Oven service and troubleshooting
Illustrated EditionYes
Intended AudienceService Technicians

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Model Number Location

GE Microwave Oven model and serial numbers can be found inside the microwave oven on the left interior wall.

When the model number is found the service manual information page will appear. Once there, you will be given the download links to the manual and any accompanying materials (where applicable) immediately upon payment. There are no shipping costs or waiting for the manual to arrive via e-mail. The site maintains the reference information between the models and corresponding service manuals and provides paid access to this information.
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GE Microwave Oven Group List

CVM2072SM1SS to DVM1950DR2WW
DVM1950DRBB to EMO4000JCC04
EMO4000JCC05 to HDM1853WJ06
HVM1540 to JE1223L
JE1223L01 to JE1450WN
JE1450WN01 to JE1590WH01
JE1590WH02 to JE2160WF03
JE740 to JEB1095CB
JEB1095CB001 to JEBC200WN01
JEM25 to JES1034WF001
JES1034WF02 to JES1142SJ06
JES1142WD02 to JES1290
JES1290BJ01 to JES1351WB04
JES1351WB05 to JES1651SJ01
JES1651SJ02 to JES636WD001
JES636WK01 to JET213002
JNM1541 to JNM1851DM3CC
JNM1851DM3WW to JVM1190BYC01
JVM1190BYC02 to JVM132JCJ03
JVM132JCJ04 to JVM1330WWC
JVM1330WWC01 to JVM1339BW02
JVM1339BW03 to JVM1340WW003
JVM1340WW01 to JVM1350BW
JVM1350BW003 to JVM1428BHC
JVM1428BHC01 to JVM1430BD03
JVM1430BDC to JVM1440BD003
JVM1440BH to JVM1440WH01
JVM1440WH02 to JVM1442AA
JVM1442AA01 to JVM1450WC001
JVM1450WC002 to JVM1490CH
JVM1490CH02 to JVM152JCJ03
JVM152JCJ04 to JVM1540DN1BB
JVM1540DN1CC to JVM1540WMC01
JVM1540WMC02 to JVM1630CD001
JVM1630CD002 to JVM1630WJ
JVM1630WJ01 to JVM1631CD001
JVM1631CD002 to JVM1631WJ03
JVM1631WK to JVM1640BH
JVM1640BH001 to JVM1640WH
JVM1640WH001 to JVM1642WB006
JVM1642WB01 to JVM1650BBC02
JVM1650BBC05 to JVM1650SH
JVM1650SH01 to JVM1650WH05
JVM1650WHC to JVM1651CB004
JVM1651CB005 to JVM1653SF
JVM1653SF001 to JVM1660AB04
JVM1660BB to JVM1660CB002
JVM1660CB003 to JVM1660SBC
JVM1660SBC01 to JVM1660WBC04
JVM1660WBC05 to JVM1728BMC01
JVM1728SMC to JVM1740WMC
JVM1740WMC01 to JVM1750WMC
JVM1750WMC01 to JVM1842BF02
JVM1842CF001 to JVM1850SH04
JVM1850SH05 to JVM1851WH03
JVM1851WH04 to JVM1870BFC03
JVM1870BFC04 to JVM1870WFC02
JVM1870WFC03 to JVM192CH01
JVM192CH02 to JVM2052DN1WW
JVM2052SN1SS to JVM2070WH01
JVM2070WH02 to JVM241BL01
JVM241BL02 to JVM3660WD001
JVM3670 to JVM3670WF05
JVM3670WF06 to PEM31DM2BB
PVM1870DM3WW to PVM2070SM1SS
PVM2070SM2SS to SCA1001FSS02
SCA1001HSS01 to SCB2001KSS02
SES0732DN1BB to ZEM200SF04
ZEM200SF05 to ZSC1202NSS

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