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Whirlpool Duet Washer WFW9300VU03 Owner's Manual / User Guide
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Owner's Manual / Use and Care Guide Contents

  • Product Features
  • Initial Setup
  • Safety Information
  • Cycle Description
  • Operating Controls
  • Care and Cleaning Instructions
  • Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Service Information
  • Warranty

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Partial list of this Whirlpool Duet Washer components

(for additional details, please see All Parts & Diagrams)

Top and cabinet parts section includes panel, front trim ring, teardrop assembly strain relief harness, wiring (lower main) (includes items 18 & 19) clip, outer hose holder bracket, trim fixation (left) microswitch (2) quick start guide channel, harness (bottom) switch, pressure.   Door and latch parts parts are frame, door back support frame, door front support glass, door screw clamp, glass support clamp, glass screw lock, door screen, door bellow.   Control panel parts section includes channel, water user interface, center wheel, detent (service in kit only) harness, wiring (upper main) harness, wiring (user interface) screw spring, knob (2) (service in kit only) ring, knob light (includes item 9) retainer, snap adapter, encoder wheel.   Dispenser parts section includes plate, distribution drawer, detergent (complete) lever, water distribution syphon, bleach/softener medallion hose, inlet valve to dispenser separator, with selection slider cover, detergent drawer lever, connection tube, dispenser to bellow.   Tub and basket parts section contains nut, pulley spring, suspension counterweight, front (2) bolt basket tub, front (includes items 10 & 22) pulley hose, exhaust nut, push-in counterweight, rear.   Pump and motor parts section includes grommet, damper (rear) hose, tub to pump stack kit pump (complete) bolt, motor clamp paint, touch-up (1/2oz.) (ultimate silver) grommet, damper (front) motor retainer, drain hose.