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Maytag Laundry Center YMET3800TW2 Service Manual

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Did you know that many appliances bearing the same name are produced by different manufacturers? For example, a lot of Kenmore dishwashers are made by Whirlpool and Frigidaire, while certain Maytag washers were produced by Samsung.

The service and repair manuals often refer to the original base model before it was rebranded.
  • Theory of Operation
  • Cycle Description
  • Component Access
  • Parts Removal
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
  • Error Codes
  • Wiring Diagram
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Partial list of this Maytag Laundry Center components

(for additional details, please see All Parts & Diagrams)

Washer/dryer control panel parts parts include switch,temperature buzzer, mini end cap (rh) dial, (washer) sheet, cycle feature panel, control switch, rotary end cap (lh) knob, timer (dryer) receptacle,.   Dryer front panel and door parts is composed of catch, door nut, push clip, door hinge (2) hinge & pin, door (2) screw,10-16 x 1/2 screw, door switch mounting (2) screw, 8-18 x 3/8 handle, door panel, toe clip, ground.   Dryer cabinet and motor parts section includes clip, ground cover, terminal block tri-ring screw, 10-16 x 5/8 clip, front panel (2) bracket, terminal block base, dryer screw, 6-20 x 1-1/16 bolt, shoulder wire, broken belt switch.   Dryer bulkhead parts components are fixed, thermostat bulkhead, rear lint duct assembly (includes illus.7 & 13) nut (2) screw, 8-16 x 1/2 air duct assembly screen, lint baffle, drum (3) thermal cutoff (includes illus.48) bulb, light.   Dryer support and washer harness parts parts include plug, 3 way channel assembly (right hand side) receptacle, 3 way hose, pressure switch nut bolt, 5/16-18 x 1/2 (4) harness -washer terminal, (male) screw screw, 10-16x1/2.   Washer top and lid parts is composed of bumper, lid (2) dispenser-bleach switch, lid bracket mounting lid screw and washer lid retainer locator, top hinge, r.h. strike, lid.   Washer cabinet parts is composed of clamp, hose link, leveling panel, side (2) (same panel used on left and right side) shield, corner right rear screw, 10-16 x 1/2 valve, water mixing base, cabinet foot, front (2) screw, 8-18 x 1/2 brace, front panel.   Brake, clutch, gearcase, motor and pump parts parts include motor, main drive capacitor, motor start switch, main drive motor band and lining (includes illus 7 & 8) screw, 10-16 x 5/8 clip, anti-rattle spring 7 damper assembly cap, clutch spring (2) pump, complete retainer, motor (2).   Machine base parts is composed of seal, centerpost (3) seal, center post plate, suspension (includes illus. 16) pad, plate restrainer, base spring, counterweight screw, bracket mounting (10-16 x 1/2) spring, suspension (3) support, & brake, tub ring, sound deadening.   Agitator, basket and tub parts parts are screw & washer seal, inner cap dispenser, assembly tub ring clamp, hose (2) nut, spanner washer hose & clamp assembly ring, balance cam driven.   Gearcase parts section includes shaft, agitator (includes 11 & 29) cam, agitate (includes 13) ball, bearing (includes 17) screw, gearcase cover mounting (8) (10-24 x 3/8) washer, agitate gear gearcase (complete) seal, thrust plug seal, spin pinion bearing, thrust (includes 18) rack, connecting.   Brake and drive tube parts section contains ring, thrust shoe, brake (2) sleeve, cam seal, drive tube ring, retaining cam, brake release sleeve, brake spring cap, brake spring (2) tube, basket drive (includes illus . 3, 4, 5 & 9) driver, brake cam.   Water system parts components are clamp, hose siphon break kit (not included) connector, hose connector, straight hose, corrugated plastic drain (6 1/2 ft,) (for fsou & twin-twin) hose, corrugated plastic drain (5 1/2 ft,) clamp, hose (2) hose, corrugated plastic drain (10 ft.) (not included) u-bend connector kit, plastic drain hose.   Miscellaneous parts section includes clamp, hose (upper drain) miscellaneous parts bag washer, inlet hose clamp, hose.  

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